Story of the sinful woman who bathed Jesus with her tears.

This is one of the most moving stories in the New Testament. A sinful woman suddenly comes to Jesus while he is a guest at a dinner party, and proceeds to wash his feet with her tears. Jesus forgives her sins, and tells her “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

Does this have relevance for OCDers? Consider the committed Christian who has decided she wants to have faith in Jesus rather than be ruled by obsessions and compulsions. Consider the split second when an obsession strikes her. Shaking, perhaps  tearful, she endures severe anxiety as she waits before Jesus… just like the sinful woman.

It is not that we sin by performing a compulsion, exactly, but we are indeed showing our pride. Rather than relying on Jesus, we are banking on our own strength. We’re not trusting in him. That moment at which an obsession strikes represents a golden opportunity to trust in Jesus.

It is golden precisely because trusting is so difficult at that time. Trusting was extremely difficult for the sinful woman. After all, she wasn’t even supposed to go near a person who was considered a Rabbi. She showed her trust by coming to Jesus and washing him with her tears. This was greatly pleasing to Jesus. It is when there is a great deal on the line that our faith is the most pleasing to Jesus. This is a hidden benefit to OCD: the moment an obsession strikes is an opportunity to show great trust in Jesus, and that trust in itself is the most pleasing thing you could do for Jesus.

Try denying a compulsion for 15 minutes, and bathing Jesus with your tears. Trust in his mercy. See if the answer does not come: “Go in peace, your faith has saved you.”

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