OCD and Christianity

I enjoy meeting with people over the internet or by phone for consultations about their cases, or possible cases, of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Most basically, these sessions involve figuring out exactly what’s going on, reviewing previous treatment (medications and therapy), examining therapeutic strategies, and developing a solid treatment plan. Often the emphasis is on explaining about the nature of OCD, and detailing the Christian approach to the disorder.

Consultations can involve just a session or two. I do refer people out for specialized, intensive OCD therapy, such as ERP, when that is indicated. Furthermore, I would not be making an official medical diagnosis, nor providing medical treatment or coverage, nor even keeping any sort of formal notes. In addition, I do not interact with or send letters to any agencies or doctors. Some people value the informal nature of these meetings, as they do not represent professional visits to a therapist, and they are totally confidential. It should be noted that insurance does not cover these informal consultations, nor health saving accounts, nor are they tax deductible, etc. The cost is $125 for an hour session.

I have treated hundreds of people with OCD using standard (and extremely helpful) cognitive-behavior therapy, especially exposure and response prevention exercises, as well as medication. I have also thought a lot about how Christians can best make sense of and treat this disorder. I’ve found some answers from great Christians who have suffered from obsessions and compulsions that I have described in my books, such as Can Christianity Cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? Maybe I could be of help to you.

Please email me with questions or to arrange a session. My email address is:

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