OCD and Christianity

Perhaps a quarter of the people I see with OCD/scrupulosity have, at one time or another, suffered obsessions about committing “the unpardonable sin,” or “the sin against the Holy Spirit.” Nothing can give them satisfying reassurance that they haven’t done it. They ask their pastors. They pray about it. They read certain consoling bible verses over and over. Still, the fearful thought strikes: “What if I have committed the unpardonable sin?”

The frightening results of committing it are addressed in three quite similar passages found in the synaptic gospels (Matt 12:31, Mark 3:28, and Luke 12:10). In Matthew, for instance, we find:  “Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.” (KJV).

This is a very difficult passage, indeed. The entire thrust of the New Testament centers on God’s love and forgiveness. Even right here in this verse, Jesus starts off by saying that all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven. But then he says that no, there is actually something that is never forgiven! What’s that all about? Then, why would it be a sin against the Holy Spirit, and not against Jesus or God? Furthermore, Jesus said these words even before the Holy Spirit came in Pentecost. So, what was he talking about anyway? It’s no wonder that OCDers get hung up on this.

The standard interpretation of the foreboding passage is based on the context of Jesus’ words. He was speaking to Pharisees who had accused him of being in league with Satan when performing his miracles. Thus, for instance, the NIV suggests that the unpardonable sin is “attributing to Satan Christ’s miracles done in the power of the Holy Spirit.” The Jerome bible suggests it is, “witnessing the works of the Holy Spirit and declaring them evil.” These exegetical attempts are of no help at all to OCDers. This is one place in the bible where we need input from great Christian saints.

Saint Augustine, as usual, has valuable things to say, He offers the following definition of the unpardonable sin. “Whosoever he be that believeth not man’s sins to be remitted in the Church of God, and therefore despiseth the bounteous mercies of God, if he continue in his obstinate mind till death, he is guilty of sin against the Holy Ghost.” Here, Augustine suggests that the person who commits this sin is one who continues to turn away from God until death. It makes sense, because when Jesus was talking to the Pharisees he would have known that they were incorrigible to the end. This is helpful for OCDers, because it offers hope for the future, no matter how they are feeling at the moment.

It is Martin Luther, however, who provides the most helpful commentary. Perhaps that is because he himself suffered from blasphemous thoughts. He writes, “There are two kinds of blasphemy. First, there is active blasphemy when we consciously and intentionally look for reasons to blaspheme…. But second, there is passive blasphemy, when the devil introduces such perverse thoughts into our heads against our will and in spite of our struggle against them. By means of these thoughts, God wishes to occupy us so that we don’t get lazy and snore, but fight against them and pray.” Luther actually called it a “good sign” when people are bothered by such blasphemies, because it indicates that God’s plan is working in them in order to bring them closer to him.

Luther’s comments are spectacularly insightful. First of all, his definition of “passive blasphemy” nails what we now consider to be defining characteristics of an obsession (“against our will and in spite of our struggle against them”). Secondly, he makes it clear that these thoughts are from the enemy. My OCD friends, whether you choose to look on obsessional blasphemies as coming directly from the devil, or as coming from OCD (as I often encourage OCDers to do), these thoughts are most certainly from the enemy. They are not from you. They take us away from God. Fortunately, as Luther points out, if we can recognize them for what they are and fight them correctly, we can as a result of them grow closer to God through faith.

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  • Richard G   at

    Thank you for writing this article! Since returning to my faith, it seems as though every waking second of life is bombarded with blasphemous thoughts and ideas, and the especially debilitating and frightening ones involve the Holy Spirit. It’s been making it extremely difficult to focus during prayers and liturgies and it’s given me constant spiritual distress that leaves me feeling very distant from God. I thought I was completely alone and damned beyond saving. But after reading this article and discovering all the others out there who have struggled with this exact terror, I’ve been filled with relief and the determination to never give in to the forces of darkness that plague me. God bless you

    • Drew   at

      Richard, you are not alone! I have terrible thoughts about the holy spirit that leave me feeling sick to stomach and filled with panic. I suffer feom obsessive thoughts. No one can understand unless they have been through it. No amount of reassurance is enough when these thoughts happen. I have been hospitalized twice because of it.

      • Asher   at

        I was fighting depression and anxiety and went to churches for help from some pastors and didnt get any. But I was praying and seeking help. Then one day out of the blue I was on the bus and I started to hear in my mind cursing against the holy spirit. My mind was under attack, I was shocked and didnt know what it was all about. I was scared and shocked, my chest stated to hurt. I read up on the unpardonable sin and my mind got worse, bad thoughts beyond my control calling the holy spirit all manner of evil in my head for weeks. During all of the attacks I kept crying out to God to deliver me and he didnt. I had to keep rebuking them and casting them down. I was horrified. I hated the thoughts. I felt hurt because I love God. I felt I comitted the unpardonable sin. During all that attack I kept my mouth shut. NONE pass my mouth. I was attacked at home, college and church. I believe it was a demon assigned by someone cursing me or by satan himself. It’s only yesterday God said in church through the pastor to give him whats been bothering you to him and I did. I told God I hated all those thoughts and to take them away and renounced them all and asked him to return them to sender. I feel better today and can think more clearly. I just dont know what it was all about. But I have heard so many people on forums go through the exact same thing and close to it

        • Caroline Troup   at

          I am going through this right now. I have cried in prayer and can’t sleep. I haven’t ate anything all day. I am a mess but after reading this I do feel better.

          • Mary   at

            This is an incredibly eye opening thing! I knew these weren’t my own and they had to be from some place else. So I looked it up and behold brothers and sisters going through the same thing!!! I jus dont knw what to do about it.. I try and pray and they come in it’s like my mind is waging war w me!!! I’d love to hear back from anyone god bless keep fighting.. I fig whatever it is fight, keep goin closer to god.. put so much info in your head and push out these thoughts! Or take them captive w scripture? Idk if we are supposed to be casting out or not? I’ve heard deliverance things that almost sounds like witchcraft itself…

      • Shelley   at

        Thank you all so much..I have suffered with blasphemous thoughts that I could share with no one about God..The closer I get to Jesus the worst the thoughts get. I have been on Prozac since I was 22. It’s debilitating.

    • Candy   at

      I am currently going through this now! Prayers please and thank Our God for loving me and getting me through every day!

      • Matthew   at

        I pray for you. I am.going through a similar thing at the moment and it’s not pleasant but I have faith we can both (and all) get through it. God bless. Matthew

    • Mark   at

      Mate it’s good to know we aren’t on our own , and anyway take the thoughts as a complement because satan is paying out on us now because he can’t have us . GODBless

      • George   at

        I went through this and every time I could say it’s happening because am child of GOD In JESUSCHRIST.Its a battle

    • Alfred   at

      Can you tell me more about “returning to the faith.” i feel like ive sinned away the faith and can’t come back as per hebrews.

      • Emma   at

        “There is, then, now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). Alfred, I believe that God wants all people to come to know Him. If you are feeling convicted and truly want to come back to Him, I believe it is possible. All Christians struggle in their faith. I feel like I’ve fallen away, too, but I’m trying to come back. I understand the struggle with the verses about falling away and coming back. Hebrews 6:6. It’s talking about it being impossible to come to REPENTANCE. But it seems like you are coming to repentance! So I believe that this doesn’t apply to you, because you are repenting.

        I’m not an expert; do your own research and soul searching but I truly believe that you are okay and that you can start a life with Jesus again ❤️ Blessings

  • thomas crawford   at

    i have had these for 3 years and often want to swear at the holy spirit. Here is the bottom line. The holy spirit is perfect, wonderful and is helping. Keep relaxed and never let yourself get truly about the Spirit. This is not his fault and He should always been praised even though our OCD wants to crank.

    • Nancy Robert   at

      I have been attacked and suffered for years with the onslaught of unwanted disgusting and horrific unGodly thoughts. The moment I found out there was a sin in the Bible that was unforgivable in the Word of God I came under attack. We all know who the unbelievers ascribed the works of Jesus to….the opposite of love, peace, joy, abundant and eternal love – to the murderer, the liar, the tempter, the hater of good and all that is lovely.

      So the devil comes into our heads and says the same things as those unbelievers and we are horrified, frightened beyond all imagination, ill in our souls because we KNOW that Jesus is the one and only Son of God. We KNOW who He is.

      So, having struggled with these unwanted and blasphemous thoughts for a very, very long time about a month ago I started saying in my head…silly as it may seem….”Jesus is a walrus”……of course I do not believe that but I have replaced the horrific thoughts that I do not believe with another avenue. Something other than the disgusting thoughts want me to cower and run from. So instead of blasphemous thoughts I now know how stupid the old wicked devil is who wanted to make me think these thoughts would separate me from Heaven, Thankfully I have never thought that Jesus was a walrus (again so very silly) so no matter how many times my inner thoughts repeat non stop this thought it is not what I believe. It is all BELIEF. If we confess our sins and speak with our mouth that Jesus is Lord we WILL BE SAVED!

      • admin   at

        I see how that can be helpful, because it really changes your perspective on the obsessional thoughts. It reminds you how crazy they are. But watch out that this does not become a compulsive act. You will know it does if you start having to repeat saying “Jesus is a walrus.”

      • Emma   at

        I have had very very similar issues to you, Nancy. It’s a real struggle and discovering the existence of the sin made things so hard for me. I was suicidal and depressed and anxious and felt like life didn’t matter because I had committed the sin and what’s the point of living if I can’t have Jesus anymore? But I was mentored and helped and studied and prayed and found out that it’s a heart change that happens for the sin, at least that’s what it seems like. The pharasees were denying that Christ was the Messiah and being horrifically blasphemous. They were doubting that Christ was from God, which is a horrible thought because He is God! Christ is God! Anyway, I believe that it’s a rejection of Jesus being from God, and a true true heart change because of the verse nearby about the heart. The Jews don’t believe Jesus is the Messiah, but one day they will come to understand Him! So, that’s what I believe and it’s based on context.

        • Tara   at

          Emma! I would love to hear more about your study on this. I am struggling so much with the same question you asked. I said something in a very confused moment just trying to discern a situation and I have been terrified ever since that I committed the unpardonable sin.

        • Sara   at

          Has “Scrupulosity” ever manifested as a compulsive behavior…for instance, a religious ritual like touching the Bible whenever a bad thought enters? It’s called OCD, so just curious if others experience the “compulsive” component, along with the obsessive one?

    • Emma   at

      My OCD makes that happen too. It’s part of the struggle but yes, The Holy Spirit is good and is God and I love Him too

  • mo   at

    It is so hard to find help with blasphemous thoughts. I suffer immensely from intrusive thoughts only. I have many bad thoughts but the worst is against the holy spirit. My thoughts get worse when I am stressed out. The thoughts will feel so real like I committed the ultimate sin and now I’m going to hell. I have felt so scared that I have physically ran out of buildings and stores-its quite embarrassing. I just tell people that I am having a panic attack which is true. But the thoughts about denying Christ start the panic attacks. I will hear God you suck, I hate you, I want to leave God. I will see images of blasphemy of the holy spirit in my mind. Even now writing this out I feel anxious thinking, “Please God don’t leave me.” I am always asking God for reassurance not to leave me. I will hear “that’s it I am done with you God, I quit you God! You are the worst God. Its your fault I am like this, I hate you.” I really love God and wished I had a peace of mind instead of great torment.

    • admin   at

      That’s clear-cut OCD, Mo. From our Christian perspective, it is the enemy producing a trial of faith. In cases like this, when faith is seemingly absent and fear rules, sometimes we need to just endure the severe uncertainty and fear produced by the blasphemous images without trying ourselves to get rid of them. We have to stay on the battlefield, but leave the battle, which is a spiritual one, to the Lord. We’ve got to just suffer on the cross with Jesus and wait for faith to be revealed. That’s the point of it all. We will learn that we can trust in God.

    • Brenton   at

      It’s a constant fear it’s very tormenting it has been on my mind for 3 years I pray to GOD about it even cry, it’s a since of doom from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep I battle with it constantly I just wish I had an off switch but I’m going to keep going in the faith and have faith that GOD can get us out of this mental frightful struggle

    • Mikr   at

      Come all ye that are heavy laden I will give you rest take your yoke upon me and learn of me for I am meek and lowley and you will find rest on to your souls . Also read Romans 7 starting at verse 20 may God bless you on your journey .

      • Danielle   at

        I’ve passed through this before and it came back recently, all kind of awful thoughts but i give Glory to God, i proclaim i am a Child of God and i have the Mind Of Christ, and i think Godly, Holy Spirit inspired thoughts in Jesus Name. Who the son sets free is free indeed guys. We are free from fear and OCD in Jesus Name

  • Kj   at

    Hi, have suffered from blasphemous thoughts myself ,horrible horrible thoughts against God and the blessed Holy Spirit, I don’t mean them..I even talk to myself trying hard to redirect thoughts ..however sometimes I end up having a slip of the tongue and say something I shouldnt…there’s been times..I say something and then all of a sudden realize afterward I said it. ..I’m not sure how to explain it..but I’ll say something to redirect then I feel like I keep hearing ..oh no you didn’t say that but you said it against the Holy Spirit..and im.sure i didnt yet ,I have doubts .I repent and repent ..I feel God yet I feel like I’m doomed…. what I do did say something I shouldnt have to the Holy Spirit or to God..I’m so confused anymore and Everytime I think I have the victory it comes back..I’m so afraid of the unpardonable sin, how can I be sure I haven’t committed it.i have never spoken against the Holy Spirit, yes I have talked to myself in a attack of blasphemous thoughts and said things I don’t mean ..what. I do? I love the Lord ..I want to be a good Christian…pls help me

    • admin   at

      Kj, that seems to be exactly what we are talking about in this website: OCD striking in the religious realm. There is definitely hope! God will use this to bring you closer to him. I suggest you start by learning about OCD treatment. Seeing an OCD-therapist would be a good idea. Hang in there, Dr O

    • Mike   at

      How do you look at God as your father ??? Job David Paul Daniel they were all tested for thier faith . Are we better ? I say no …. count it a blessing my beloved when you go thru trials and temptation . Jesus was tempted to . May God bless you and remember there is freedom trust in God

  • Kj   at

    Thank you, I will see what I can do about finding a good therapist…. it’s so very hard ,when I woke up a bit ago I woke up talking myself , something so blasphemous came out ,I was just moving my lips..I have done this before..I don’t know why I did..its like I was part asleep and part awake…I love the Lord, I so badly want to do His will…I am.faithful to be in church, read the Bible, pray , I have given up so many things to serve God and would give up more…does this play a part of OCD also things like this happening ? Anyway, if you could answer this last thing for me I would appreciate it..thank you and may God bless you

    • admin   at

      yes, this can definitely happen with ocd, and it is of course very terrifying. it’s all part of the ocd problem. A good resource for finding therapsts is the “obsessive-compulsive foundtion.” they have a website. you can call them and find out if there is an ocd specialist in your area. Usually, university departments of psychiatry or psychology also have good therapists. also, you can learn a great deal from reading good books on ocd treatment, such as ‘the ocd workbook.’

  • Bl   at

    As a young man I was completely confident God forgave all sin. Then in my Bible study I came across the unpardonable sin. I took this verse to mean taking the Holy Spirits name in vain. For weeks I thought about this. I had heard the Lords name taken in vain countless times but never the Holy Spirits. Whether it was OCD or temptation of my own flesh I finally gave in. I took the Spirits name in vain. Since then I have lost countless numbers of hours and days to fear and dread to loosing my salvation and rejecting God’s gift. I hear many alternative views to the verse and I always feel to be the exception. I am in therapy and finding this site is a Miracle from God! Thank you for the work you do here. I am eternally greatful!

  • Mary M   at

    live in anxiety whole year. It started when I was thinking about Holy Spirit and somehow come to my mind that Holy Spirit is stupid. When I´ve realised what I was thinking about I said to myself with fear that it ´s not true, Holy Spirit is not stupid and He is God. I felt sorry about that and apologised, but than I start thinking that I probably crossed the line and blasphemed Holy Spirit. At that time I was home because of depression and than it became worst. Nothing could help. I ve repead over and over, that the one who comes to Jesus will not be cast out. But what about people which blasphemed Holy Spirit? Jesus said that they never has forgivness.
    And than has happend something else. I was thinking about some manifestations at church, I ve started to doubt it and finally I said to myself that it cant be from God, that it is not his work and it is nowhere in the Bible. And after that again I started fear that I maybe said something against Holy Spirit´s work. And now I dont know what to do. I´m praying to God everyday that I cant live in such insecurity whether he has forgave me or not. It´s so hard when you dont know most important thing in your life and you dont know where to turn. My pastor said, that it is ok when I havent said it out loud … but I think that words are just expressions of our thoughts and its mostly the same. Please someone could help?

    • admin   at

      Mary, that really sounds like OCD. It’s called the “doubting disease,” and those are very common obsessional fears. I think God is using this so that you can learn to put more trust in him. You need to learn about OCD, though. Do you think you could venture to see a therapist?

    • Hazel   at

      I developed major OCD after taking fertility treatment. The hormones really played with my mind and, after 2 miscarriages, I was a real low point. I still suffer with OCD but know that God is so much bigger than any thought or statement I could make. Once, at a real low point, I was praying to God asking him to help me get out of it. I heard an audible voice say ‘I am not going to punish you for a thought or word said in anger’. ‘Now relax and enjoy life’. Interestingly, I hadn’t even been angry, just fearful. It was as though God had said – not only won’t I condemn you for OCD, but I wouldn’t even condemn you if you did it on purpose. God is amazing and so very loving. I am utterly convinced that his plan for our life is not to live in fear, but to joyfully trust Him with our eternity.

    • samantha   at

      I pray that this have gotten better for you. Just know that your not alone hang on to the faith you have and never let God go. I suffer from ocd as well and recently have felt like I have committed this as well. But sometimes are thoughts are not our own.

  • Linda Puckett   at

    May God, through these words which Dr. O wrote sometime back, bring you peace ….Martin Luther, speaking directly to OCDers struggling with scrupulosity, comments on this situation and suggests a more helpful strategy:  “I am saying this for the comfort of those who are perpetually troubled by thoughts of blasphemies and are in great anxiety…The more horrible and foul the blasphemy, the more agreeable it is to God, if the heart knows that it does not will this, because the heart did not produce it or choose it. It is a sign that a man did not will it from his heart and that he is really innocent of it, if he is truly afraid and terrified that he has done such a thing. For the clearest sign of a good heart is the fear of doing evil. Therefore the remedy for these thoughts is not to be worried about them.”
    To “not worry about them”…what interesting advice for people who have unpardonable blasphemies on their minds! Yet Luther knew a great deal about blasphemous obsessions (he had himself suffered from them), and here he shows great insight. These terrible thoughts are actually nothing to worry about, because God knows our hearts; and he knows that obsessions do not come from us, but rather from the enemy (OCD–or if you prefer, Satan working through OCD). Luther even says the blasphemous thoughts are “agreeable” to God. Is he kidding? No, because they provide an opportunity for a person to show great faith by leaving the fighting of them to God. And it is faith that God values more than anything else we can give to him.
    So, if we are to follow Luther’s advice, what should we do about “unpardonable sin” obsessions when they strike? Here are three steps to take (the “LAF” method).
    1. LABEL the thought as an obsession. The importance cannot be overemphasized. If it looks or feels anything like an obsession, make the call.
    2. ATTRIBUTE the thought to the enemy (OCD), yet know that God, who has ultimate power over all that happens in the universe, is allowing the enemy to bring the tormenting thought into your mind in order educate you. What God wants is for you to leave the situation to him, and by that means to learn to trust in him. Don’t try to escape the thought by reassuring yourself over and over that you haven’t committed the sin, or praying for forgiveness compulsively, or fighting off the thoughts in any way. Don’t try to reason with them, or cancel them out with good thoughts. Let them be there. Stay on the battlefield, yet give the fighting to God. The correct attitude is, “I don’t care that the ugly thought came, and I don’t care if it stays there all day and bothers me. It’s all up to God,” and I put my trust in him.
    3. Then, while letting the battle in your mind run on, gently turn your FOCUS to the present task at hand–your work, your recreation, whatever it is at that moment that you ought to be doing.

    • Rita   at

      The Bible says cast down imaginations not let them run in your mind.

      • Kelly   at

        Rita trust me I try to and it’s hard . I talk to myself to redirect thoughts and he enemy comes against me and tells me that I have committed the unpardonable sin no matter how much I repent . It’s horrible I’m like Brenton I suffer in torment from the time I get up till I go to sleep what little I do sleep . I don’t know what peace is and I pray and pray I love the Lord so much and want to serve him so much and I continue to fail him . I cannot keep those thoughts away .

        • Vince   at

          How are you doing now?

  • Kathy Brown   at

    I just read this thread tonight and can say that I feel somewhat relieved to know that others struggle with this as well. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but have no feelings of love toward God/Jesus. I have also been diagnosed with OCD/Scrupulosity. I want to love God, but the combination of OCD and some legalistic teachings at the beginning of my Christian walk have given me a distorted view of God. I too feel guilty about enjoying “things” more than God, thereby making me an idolater.

    Thanks again for the article and responses and also for reading my comments. Kathy

    • Ked   at

      Kathy, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’m currently battling this. I’m afraid that my thoughts aren’t blasphemous but how I really feel. I have so many questions as to why God does some things. I’m afraid it’s not ocd and it’s actually how I feel or what I really believe. I feel as though if I were to label it as ocd, that I’d be lying to myself and not taking it seriously enough. I could go on for days about what I’m thinking and how it makes me feel. I always have a rebuttal to the advice I’m given. I’m afraid one day I’m going to lose everyone around me because they’ll be tired of me. I’m afraid that by doing erp and self care that I’ll end up not believing in God anymore. I’ve read of many Christians who turn away from their faith and are “set free” from their scrup ocd. That scares me. I can’t seem to enjoy anything. I’m afraid that I’m not taking hell seriously enough. And that I’m a terrible witness to anyone that doesn’t believe. Because honestly who would want to have the same faith as someone who is so miserable. At the point, nothing gives me hope or peace. Not to mention I know how crazy this sounds and fear I’m attention seeking and wanting people to feel sorry for me.

      • Vince   at

        Dear Kathy I’m in the same spot, hang on to Jesus Christ, please let me know how you are doing. I’m struggling with this myself.

        • jenelle   at

          I also want to add this scenario: if you have intrusive thoughts toward your kid should you avoid/abondon your kid to make the thougths go away?

          Now apply that to God.

          avoidance NEVER helps ocd, it makes it worse.

          I have had almost every kind of ocd and every kind of religious ocd. I am also a hardcore christian (still obviously imperfect as any human is) and God has helped me overcome ALOT of my ocd.

          However I recently got a new obsession thats really hard.

          However, I will tell you avoidance never helps. Tell God that you aren’t going to ask Him for forgiveness when your ocd thoughts come up because you know they aren’t yours, and tell Him to forgive you for all the times you won’t ask Him for forgiveness (due to the ocd. obviously real sins we commit we should always repent to God).

          Ask God to forgive you to give you grace, and to give you the peace of mind from Phillipans 4:27.

          Your relgious ocd thoughts may go away if you abondon God but OTHER FORMS OF OCD WILL POP UP, so regardless you want God in your life, for God is the only one that can give you unearthly peace of mind (and He can heal as well, but even if He does or doesn’t cure, He will mentally give you peace of mind which is basically a cure in itself).

          God bless, pray for me as well, I’m jenelle

    • I KNOW exactly what you are talking about. The ONLY way out of the hole you’re in is to seek GRACE. Grace is saying “Thank you Jesus.” Salvation is NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU DO, but what God in Christ did. He did ALL that needed to be done, It is finished. OCD and legalism are all about what YOU DO. Salvation is all about what Christ did. He was enough. Praise Jesus every time you get a bad thought. Praise is power. Praise is putting your CONFIDENCE in HIm. When I would get a blasphemy in my mind, I would think “Oh, the enemy really wants me to worship God right now.” Jesus WON your battle at the cross. Praise Him through the battle. WORSHIP IS THE WAY TO OVERCOME THESE TORMENTS. God inhabits the PRAISES of His people. When praises are coming out of your mouth fear has to leave. Praise is the only thing that ever gave me relief. Also knowing that GRACE is NOT EARNED BY OUR EFFORTS. Study the thief on the cross, the man at the temple, and the prodigal son. They all came to Jesus and asked for mercy. HE NEVER CASTED THEM OUT. If you come to Him He will not cast you out either. You cannot even come to Him unless HE draws you. Be encouraged. HE IS GREATER THEN OCD.❤️

    • The link between scrupulosity and not receiving grace is so obvious to me now. Trying vs. trusting. God revealed it so clearly to me in the story below.
      One night while I was in college, I went to a Bible study at a friend’s house. A women there felt lead to pray for me. I was in the depths of despair with OCD and I didn’t know what to do. As the women prayed over me I closed my eyes. I had several visions:
      I was in a dark cave. As I walked out I saw Jesus. He extended His hand to me. The woman praying over me had no way of knowing this because I did not say a word. She then said at the same time, “Take His hand.” I took His hand.
      Then He showed me a trough of water like one an animal drinks out of. He said, “Wash in the water.” When I looked at myself in the water my image was dark not clear at all. As I began to wash my face in the water the image became clearer and clearer.
      The next thing He showed me was a large pit with a grate over it. I looked down at the people underneath the grate they had their Bibles in their hands and were very anxious. They were visibly struggling with fear. They could see Jesus when they looked up through the grate, but could not be with Jesus. Jesus turned and said to me, “See these people, they are trying to make it on their own.”
      Next He showed me little children playing hide and seek with God. They were free and happy. He then said to me, “How I wish you were as one of these.” After the visions were over the scripture about “Washing yourself in the water of the word so that the image of Christ my be found in you, ” came to my mind. That was the trough that He told me to wash in. We need to renew our minds as God directs in the word. Then our understanding will get clearer and clearer.

    • Kamuela Bean   at

      Hey, I am relieved too in some small way that I am not alone. I haven’t been a Christian for too long, a few years only. I have OCD/Scrupulosity as well. I do not feel loved by God/Jesus and have a distorted view as well. Mostly because of Old testament teachings. I have been praying to feel love of God, and be filled with more faith and hope that happens soon. Bless you!

  • Dear troubled souls,
    I struggled with this OCD obsession and fear about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit for years. Looking at the biblical passage is most helpful. The thought or words (it says spoken) have to be “against” the Holy Spirit. Obviously these thoughts, although perhaps disgusting and blasphemous if they were intended by you are certainly not against the Spirit. They are on the order of “if you think of an elephant in the living room you will die.” No one could cancel this thought and the threat of death would make the mind even more apt to think the thought.
    One more thing to keep in mind. The text says (translated properly from Greek) that the person who blasphemies against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age (that is now) or in the age to come. That would be the Millennium age. After that age they would of course be forgiven.
    Luther got so angry at Satan that he one time threw a bottle of ink at him. I think ignoring the mental intrusion is best since it obviously is not your will to be speaking against the Holy Spirit.

  • I have been dealing with this for 3 years. And Jesus is faithfulllll. Please dont believe these thoughts are you. This is all stemmed from fear. God said He didnt give us a spirit of fear ( worry,doubt, fear, confusion, all evil thoughts) HE gave us a Spirit of Power and Love and Sound Mind. Trust in Jesus. God had me do this new thing write down what battle your dealing with, write the time and day and how long it lasted and what happened and what you did. Did you praise and thank Jesus throgh the storm or complained and feared?? Remember has God failed you or let you fail??? No so trust Him dont fear its you. Rebuke the thoughts use Gods Word and praise and thank Jesus for everythung. Get your mind on something thank Him for loving you. You love you. You can do this we can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us. Remember to confess yours sins of (fear worry doubt etc) because those are sins because there against God not trusting Him. Dont choosr unforgiveness or you will be tormented liek never bfore like i am because i wamt leave my husband. Dont do what i did. Forgive always. Love no anger that brings that baddd. Did God say fear anything but fear Him only. Trust Jesus. Start writing that Jesus got you through the day. Call out to Him. Thank Him for good and bad ♡♡♡ if you want to talk email me jesuscaresforyou777@yahoo.com also i have a site of my journal what i felt God taught me.

  • I’m retired Lutheran pastor with OCD who runs an email support group for Christians with scrupulosity, as religious OCD is known. Members of the group have found this helpful. Maybe you will, too.

    1. Blasphemy, by its very definition, must be spoken out
    loud. “Blasphemous thoughts” are thoughts that would be blasphemy if uttered. No matter how nasty a thought may be, thoughts cannot be blasphemy unless they are uttered. Even if the thoughts somehow could be blasphemy,…

    2….. Jesus says in the very statement in which He speaks of the Unpardonable Sin that ALL blasphemies will be forgiven, whatever their content- but that THE blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be. It is obvious from this that since THE blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is not included in “ALL blasphemies,” it must be something very different from merely saying something nasty about God (again, thinking something nasty about God, if it is not uttered out loud, cannot be blasphemy in the first place). It is unique.

    3. Since Jesus says categorically that He will never, under any circumstances (the Greek says mh ouk, an intensifier that means “No way, Jose!”) cast out anyone who comes to Him, it is obvious that nothing that does not prevent a person from wanting to come to Jesus can be the unforgivable sin.

    4. It follows from that that a person who wants to be forgiven cannot have committed the unpardonable sin. If you recall, Hebrews makes that very point: a person who has committed the unforgivable sin cannot be restored to repentance.

    5. In any event, “pop up” thoughts are not sins of any kind, which means that regardless of their content, they do not need forgiveness. And it is in the nature of OCD that if we fear that “pop up” thoughts come from us, it will “feel” to us like they do. That does not change the fact that if we hate the thought, it either a) is an OCD thought, in which case it is not even a sin; or b) since we hate and fear the thought, we have repented, cannot have committed the unpardonable sin, and are forgiven.

    I’m afraid you just can’t get around it. Even if a thought you hate or that you wish you hadn’t had is sinful, no matter what the origin, all you have to do is to accept Jesus’s forgiveness and you have nothing to be afraid of. You have repented. Then, whatever else may happen, you may be certain, first, that you have not committed the unpardonable sin; and secondly, that you are forgiven.

    If its OCD, it’s not a sin; if it’s a sin, it’s forgiven- and if you hate the thought, that is proof that you have not committed the unpardonable sin.

    Any way you look at it, if you’re worried about having committed the Unforgivable Sin, you have no reason to be.

    • Catherine   at

      What if I have said things out loud to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?Can that be forgiven? I have had OCD/Scrupulocity before it was even called that. Since 1979. And I’ve heard sermons about “crossing God’s deadline.. and it was almost like I couldn’t get my mind off of it…kinda like the “don’t look at the pink elephant thing”.. it was like “don’t say such and such” and eventually I said it. So now I think that I’m doomed to hell because I didn’t maintain control over my mind and my mouth. It seems like I don’t have any feelings for God or Jesus. I don’t seem to have any love whatsoever for people. I have always thought of myself growing up as being bad and not being able to love.. I feel like I’m the worst person that ever lived. I hope that i’m forgiven…i’ve asked Jesus to forgive me 100’s of times probably.

      • Austin   at

        There are video testimonies on youtube of satanists who have came to Christ who claim to have wanted nothing to do with Jesus. He forgave them, he will forgive you, even if spoken aloud. Those thoughts come from a lack of understanding of who God is and what Jesus did for us. He doesnt punish us for that lack of understanding but rather, he lets us have the thought so that we draw nearer to him. We must draw nearer to him everyday and hand it over to him and he will NOT forsake you. Never. He loves you, no matter what.

    • Angel   at

      What’s the support website or email?

    • phil kaunesis   at

      Hi Mr. Waters. I would luv to join your email support group. Pls. email me at kustom2@optusnet.com.au

    • Harold   at

      Hi Mr Waters, I suffer from this OCD and I would really love to be a part of your support group. I was wondering, could such OCD be an affliction? I have been convicted of my self righteousness and I think that the particular OCD that I struggle with is the consequence of my self righteousness.

    • Caroline Troup   at

      I would like to be apart of your support group if you still do it.

    • Caroline   at

      Robert Waters I could really like to be apart of the support group. I need people around me that understand what I’m going through and would really like counseling and get ahold of OCD. My email is carolinetroup94@gmail.com if you could please email me.

  • Dee   at

    Some counselors have you say your bad thought out loud as exposure/response prevention. I am trying so hard to fight this battle. In consequence, I have said it out liud by myself or with my counselor in order to stop the OCD.

    • Deedee   at

      Dee July 22, 2017 at 3:05 pm

      I’m scared. Your “out loud” comment…

      Some counselors have you say your bad thought out loud as exposure/response prevention. I am trying so hard to fight this battle. In consequence, I have said it out loud by myself or with my counselor in order to stop the OCD.

      • admin   at

        this is a common problem: to say the thoughts out loud seems either morally offensive, too difficult, or outright sinful. there are ways to look at this process that make sense from the christian perspective. i’ve talked about them in some other blog posts. sometimes the problem seems unsurmountable, and in that case other approaches can be used aside from this particular exposure exercise.

  • john   at

    This blog is a gift from the Lord… THAT I CAN’T DOUBT!
    I so relate to each and everyone of you. Trying to explain it to someone who hasn’t been through it cannot relate. It’s like trying to explain to someone that’s been blind since birth what the color purple looks like… Impossible. I’m so grateful to God He put this site in our lives so we can encourage one another! One amazing story I’ve read – over and over – is the biography of John Bunyan “Grace Abounding”! He went through the ocd nightmare for years, but he didn’t have the benefit of the web or others who went through it. But, he fought the good fight and struggled to trust Christ no matter what. Sometimes he even had to physically hold his mouth shut with his hands so as not to speak blasphemies. Even though we hate the thoughts it can be a strange kind of temptation. Sometimes when I’m on the top of a very tall edifice, I get the urge to jump. I have no idea why but it is somewhat similar, although the consequences do not come close to the evil thoughts and fears of the unpardonable sin.

    • Stacy   at

      Thank God for this website. Like more of you said NO ONE understands unless they been through it. We all need to pray for each other and that we remain in the battle as sometimes I just get tired and weary and want to give up what seems so hopeless. Thanks everyone for sharing

  • Crystal   at

    I can relate to you all. I try not to be envious of the joyous types that are constantly secure with a strong faith from the moment they believe and never doubt it. How glorious it must be to have a relationship with god like that and never fear they have committed the unpardonable sin or doubt their salvation.
    I struggle a lot and honestly sometimes i fear that i must love my sin more than god because i seem to fall into it without much struggle or fight against it.
    I guess we are all asking questions God has to work in each of us individually the answers. Even though we dont know each other we should pray for each other.
    Salvation is serious. eternity is a long time to be wrong. Lord help us to know we trust fully in you and have repented according to the scriptures.

    • M.G   at

      Wow,wow,wow! My heart goes out to everyone of you. And yes I think we should definitely be praying for each other. I’m just now overcoming this Scrupulosity OCD thanks to a friend/life coach/counselor who told me about a book titled SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She is a Christian neuroscientist and also has several YouTube videos. I’m currently doing her 21-day brain detox. This is a total God SENT!!!

    • Joy   at

      Yeah I agree with all this. I am a new Christian (only 1 month and a half). The first month was great, I was so excited to serve the Lord and grow in sanctification. Fear was not even in me. I was just so happy and grateful. I watched every theological video and read books on Christianity I could find. My Bible reading was NOT plagued by doubts. It was great.

      This second month has started off SUPER ROCKY. I started doubting the truth of the Bible..and it excalates sometimes to God himself. But God has been faithful by pulling me put of that dark hole i find myself in all the time.
      This is the first time I even read about OCD and Religion and I am shocked. I genuinely thought my intrusive thoughts were just “my” issue. Had no idea many people suffered with them.

      It gets so bad sometimes I’m like: If I doubt God this much maybe I deserve hell. Which is the opposite of what I truly want. I want to meet Jesus so badly and be free from sin. Sometimes I wonder if I jumped into my faith meat first and chocked. I sometimes think I didn’t spend enough times on the basics of Christianity (like true saving faith, Salvation, Jesus etc.) But I will keep praying and for others who struggle too.

  • M.G   at

    For me all it took was one bad thought against God out of frustration that sent me spiraling down with serious OCD. It was a bombardment of intrusive, blasphemous, sexual, perverted thoughts toward Father God, JESUS, and Holy Spirit. Not to mention all the fear, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, loss of appetite, guilt, shame, condemnation, and constant need for reassurance that I was saved. For awhile even my intimacy with hubby was affected for fear I would have bad thoughts. So yes again my heart goes out to you all. Can’t describe the relief to find other believers that can truly understand me. Love you all and will pray!
    Psalm 107:20 He sent His Word to heal them and to deliver them out of their destructions

  • Jamiara   at

    So I can’t control my thoughts and I read about the unforgivable sin which is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and ever since ive been having blasphemy thoughts about his spirit it got so bad I said it out loud by accident. I’m scared I’m gonna go to hell. I believe in jesus and his spirit is pure and clean. But my thoughts keep saying it’s evil. I know in my heart it’s not

    • M.G   at

      Jamiara, God knows your heart! The devil is a liar.
      1 John 3:20 says that if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our hearts and knows all things. Please check out that book SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN. It is changing my life. There is scientific proof that our brains can change by meditating on the scriptures and this book has a 5 step brain detox. The Bible says that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our minds can be renewed no matter how damaging the thoughts, images, etc.

    • Zayne   at

      Man just know that I am in the same boat as you I have had the most evil thoughts of the Holy Spirit but I find comfort in knowing that I know God knows I don’t want these thoughts I just want to love him his Spirit and for him to wipe away all evil. So in Jesus Christ name I pray LORD Amen

  • M.G   at

    FYI: this book talks about how meditating is also beneficial for ocd. I should know! I’m
    Feeling and seeing the difference. God is faithful y’all! If we are this concerned about our salvation and offending God more than likely we haven’t. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood

  • Ron   at

    Has anyone here experienced anhedonia from the fear of committing the unforgivable sin?

    • James   at

      Yes Ron I showed irreverence to it 3 years ago and have anhedonia ever since

  • Maggie   at

    Hi Ron. That was definitely a part of Scrupulosity OCD for me. I had lost all enjoyment of simple things. I guess it’s because we feel we have failed miserably so nothing else matters but our supposed failures. But the Truth is that God can and does heal and deliver! Whoever the Son sets Free is free indeed.

  • Rick   at

    To blasphemy the Holy Spirit is to have an irrevalent conviction of the non existence or evilness of the Holy Spirit. Being conflicted by, remorseful of, doughtful about or questioning of your convictions, statements, verbalizations or thoughts is all the evidence needed to know you do not have an irrevalent conviction. Therefore you have not committed the unpardonable sin. Had a person committed this sin they would have no concern, no conflict and no reconsideration. No anxiety or fear would exist in the heart or mind of a person who has committed this sin. Your own unsureness and anguish is all the proof you need that you are not domed to Hell.

    • M.G.   at


  • KeshaBesha   at

    First and foremost this is a Fear!
    And can progress into anxiety.
    I just prayed and ask God to take this fear from me. So when you feel that fear ask God to remove it. It works.

  • Kisbel R   at

    Hello! I am a Christian, and I am from Venezuela. I have blasphemous thoughts for 9 long months, and it has been getting worse. I was diagnosed with panic attacks, depressive syndrome and finally OCD. It has been a horrible battle in which I feel that I am involved, because I fall again and again into it. I feel desperate many times because I want to get out of this, but strangely I do not find in me enough strength to get up. I feel horrible because the thoughts already seem to come from my mind and not from outside, and now I struggle to contain them 🙁 I feel very perverse, and I do not understand why it seems that my mind needs to blaspheme 🙁
    During the day I try to recite verses or sing, but it seems useless, because my mind betrays me. This is horrible. I am a mother, wife and housewife, and I can not live my life normally because my existence has been reduced to this battle. To the point of not having the courage to live. I have many doubts about whether I really am a child of God, or even if I love God, since my mind only insults him 🙁
    I feel many times without hope and loss, because I have not managed to overcome this; therefore I am terrified that the Rapture will happen and I will stay, that is, lose my salvation. I need help and a cure desperately.

    • admin   at

      To have OCD, depression, panic attacks at the same time can be a devastating situation. You definitely need to get some help with this. Do not be hesitant to make use of medication. It can be helpful for all three of these problems, and panic disorder is almost always responsive to medication. In addition, I would strongly recommend that you be working with a therapist. Such a tough burden to suffer these problems all together all at once. Please do not hesitate to get some help.

      • Kisbel R   at

        Thank you very much. I’ll do it.

  • Gideon   at

    Good article. I too have had these obsessions. I have read now a lot about OCD, but turning the tide of a lifetime’s avoidance is not easily done. Things were tricky for me when I was young at home and I made a few silly mistakes as a teenager, and had a raging panic attack. Some time later I was reading the bible – introduced to me by a friend for some comfort, and read about the unforgivable sin. Man the fear struck me like lightening – especially when I said “the spirit is evil” to myself out loud. That has haunted me for years. Right up until the point when I had so much doubt in my life (not just religion – other extremely important things in my life) – and it was so painfully relentless – I turned furiously and fed up to Jesus in my mind’s eye and dropped the C-bomb on him, telling him I wish I was there when he was crucified. Now this has haunted me more – because I was genuinely angry. Now I seem to get all tied up in knots about if this is unforgivable. I’m assured that it’s not by the Guru’s around and about – but man it still gets under my skin. The countless hours of life I’ve lost to this would be horrendous to count.

  • K_Seltz13   at

    Hey, @Gideon. That sounds awful. Did you have panic attacks because of an episode of OCD? Also, you’re not alone! Everyone on this website has a story of their faith journey, because of OCD, it can get rocky, but KEEP THE FAITH. “God is faithful and just”. He loves you ENDLESSLY and He cares about every thought, word and deed we do. He wants to perfect us, make us more like Him! You should meditate on the Lord’s prayer- not where you get fearful (Sometimes certain Bible verses scare me) – but you can rejoice in His Word, that He knows you. All of you!
    Lord God, thank You for all that You are to us, and FOR us. Lord, please let each and every one of your children cling to childlike faith in You. Not our will, Yours be done. Help us to better understand our OCD grow closer to You in Love and let You fight our battles!

  • Chuka   at

    I am from Nigeria. I have been having these issues of blasphemy against the Spirit since childhood. It has to say the least affected my Christian progress. At some point even over eating became unpardonable to me.

    Then some years back, I was in church when I suddenly realized I could blasphemy the Spirit in my thoughts. That I could say nasty words in my thoughts and I will be finished. Before the end of that Church service I was convinced I had done it. Then my struggle began.

    Year or 2 later I eventually said it to the Holyspirit. I was far in thoughts If I could actually say it. Was it possible for me to say it in my thoughts. I will begin the sentence and cut it off before I finished it. Then I completed it. It was all in my thoughts tho. I concluded that If I could pray without speaking out. I could also blaspheme without speaking out. So the struggle ensued. You said it. But God has answered some of my prayers since then. I actually preach sermons in church and God has sometimes moved. Yet I had these issues.

    I have read thru the posts. Here is my take. OCD started it, till I failed and spoke it in my mind. If OCD started it, it was not from me till I said it in my mind….So the thoughts are not sin. But I gave in and said it in my thought. That is sin but forgivable. Because that was not from my heart. I actually love God. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

    So for those who worry, it wasn’t from ur heart. God is willing to forgive U. Even if U said it out loud. Stop obsessing about it.

    • Happened to me… But the enemy attacked me and I dwelled on the thoughts… Terrifying to say the least…

  • Laveranues   at

    I’ve been going through this endless purgatory for over 24hrs now and ive been stricken with indescribable fear that God is sending me to hell.Ive cried and cried and cried and as I much as I say I Love Jesus to block out the thought of F the holy spirit or F Jesus it still continues to the point where I’ve given up all hope.My stepmom is religious and tells me that it’s Satan but it’s still torturing me.Please help

    • admin   at

      You need to get some help for that, Laveranues. Don’t try to just take it on yourself. Talk to your pastor, a counselor, or somebody about it.

    • laveranues   at

      i am going through the same thing but ireally do not mean it and getting paranoid and can’t sleep

  • Gabe   at

    Thoughts claiming that the holy spirit is of Satan have come to my head scaring and torturing me.Ive cried about this and seek help

    • Ash   at

      I have had the exact same thing in my head. A good few times. I dont believe its me I believe its satan. I hate those thoughts I have earnestly petitioned God and reminsws him that I Asked for a new heart and mind before this happened and during and again because it ia written, whatever you ask in my name it will be given. I have asked for these thoughts to be blocked out and never come back . I’m still waiting for what I’ve asked and deliverance. In the mean time I just rebuke them in jesus name

    • Alex   at

      I’ve had horrible thoughts like that and they are hard to control and its terrifying you feel damned

  • Maria   at

    I’m 23 and have suffered different forms of OCD along the years, being scrupulousity the hardest. My relationships with the Lord has had its peaks and valleys and how curious that when I’m the furthest from Him my OCD is pretty much absent. As I have grown spiritually the intrusive thoughts of direct blasphemous words towards the Holy Spirit are a minor problem, and God has glorified Himself through this by giving me peace and convincing me that I’m saved by His grace. When I thought I could live with it a “new form” of scrupulousity came out, and it’s something like “if you don’t do this that’s blasphemy” fx I’m going to buy bodylotion and this intrusive thought comes: You gotta choose this one cause if you don’t then that’s bad. I still don’t know how to handle it. I’m afraid of not listening to the voice because of fear of losing salvation. Most of the times I repeat “This is not me. I love the Holy Spirit, He is God in me and I don’t blaspheme against Him in any circumstance” I ignore the voice and I feel good, I know everything is fine, but many times I’m led by that fear and listen to the voice and it’s so tiring, it happens all the time and it’s almost disabling. I’m afraid to seek professional help cause it’s like not trusting God has control. I have prayed for freedom from this and I don’t get much, once I was praying and felt like this was the thorn in my flesh and I just have to trust Him. Would going to a psychologist be rebellion or lack of faith? What do you brothers and sisters think? May God keep blessing you all.

    • Rebecca   at

      Hi Maria,
      I too struggle with scrupulosity. Going to a counselor/psychologist is not rebellion. Seeing a good biblical counselor has been the most helpful thing for me in this. It has reminded me I am not the only one with scrupulosity, and it has helped me continually remember God’s grace in my suffering. My counselor’s approach is one of psychological insight combined with biblical understanding. Scrupulosity may be a spiritual struggle, but it is a psychological one, too. We are body AND soul; the two are intertwined, and we cannot separate that. One of God’s graces in this broken world IS the provision of biblical, gospel-centered counselors/psychiatrists. God understands OCD better than any of us (as hard as that is for me to believe, as I struggle with it!), and he does not want us to struggle with it alone. God has complete control, yes, but he has put others in our lives to remind us and encourage us 🙂 We cannot do this alone.

      • Bob   at

        Well said Rebecca!

        Maria, my experience too has been that a Christian psychologist was/is a key piece to my recovery. It is like going to a pastor who happens to know more about how the brain works. The Church (not Christ) has not always understood this, but now, it is starting to, I believe. Remember, though we follow Christ, we are broken followers. We have the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen us, but the consequences of our Fall have left us wounded this side of heaven, our souls and yes, our brains from where our obsessions come.

        Any well-meaning Christian brother or sister who tells you going to a Christ-following, Bible-believing counselor or psychologist is doubting God is saying the same about going to a cardiologist for heart disease, or on oncologist for cancer treatment.


  • Megan   at

    I suffered from such horrible thoughts and it was like it made me question my belief an salvation I talked with my mom and pastor about it because I don’t want to be without God or our Lord Jesus Christ for eternity and I just got it in my mind that I had to trust God to forgive me and to help me get through this because I do believe an don’t want to hurt God or Jesus an or grieve the precious Holy Spirit and I to worry because of these feelings I get an anxiety because I do believe an when I just took something for my nerves and talked with the Lord about it they have been better I just hope they don’t come back I would never reject Christ but I to get afraid about these things it does make me upset an I don’t want this happening to me

  • Kelly   at

    I have suffered from blasphemous thoughts they get so bad I have even had things slip out of my mouth . I will get one word stuck in my mind and that’s all it takes to produce a blasphemous thought . I read something here they come .

  • Sandy   at

    Reading all these comments really helps me feel so much better that I may just go into a field of study in pyschology or something because so many of us are struggling with the very same thing that its inspiring to me that it makes me want to help others to get through their OCD blasphemous thoughts so I pray for you all that you will have victory in Christ Jesus. I’ve been struggling for the last 8 years and it all started one night when I was asleep and for some reason I remembered something I said back in 7th grade and I had a friend who cussed like a sailor and she would always say God’s name in vain which I’m not going to say it in order not to trigger anyone’s thoughts or anything so I’m trying to be as super sensitive as I can be. So yeah that word slipped out of my mouth and I thought oh crap! I’ve blasphemed and boy was I anxious? I couldn’t even function well at work without having someone asking me if I’m okay just by acting weird and making ugly faces. I still do so and Its very hard to stop and now that I’ve come clean to my family about it but not entirely or told them how it all started but with some of my family members I have and it was such a relief but the thoughts just keep coming at me harder and harder and harder to where I pause everytime I walk, move or preventing myself from saying things through my lips from my mind and its just crippling. If only there were more sermons at churches that would talk more openly about mental illnesses, I swear it would be a lot more easier for all of us to cope with our struggles more better. Just as long as none of you give up the fight which I know its really hard but If God really understands our struggle and is still willing to work in us we must not ignore His voice or harden ourselves. There’s truly no sin He can’t forgive cause there’s no condemnation for us that are in Christ. So if anytime a blasphemous or intrusive thought pops into your heads, just say nope, its not me, I deny you Satan, get out! I’ve been bought with the blood of Jesus and with that I’m forgiven! whatever it is you gotta tell yourselves just keep fighting the good fight! God be with us all and He loves you!

  • Daph   at

    I have had awful blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Spirit and Jesus. It started when I heard about the UPS, I started worrying if I ever did it then someone told me it had to be spoken and saying Jesus cast out devils by the devil then my mind started thinking those thoughts, now I’m scared what if I spoke that stuff. Now I’m so scared. I don’t want to go to hell. What if I spoke that out of my mouth. Dear Lord please help p me. Somebody please help me.

    • admin   at

      Daph, I feel your pain. You need to do something about this. This is terrifying fear is being allowed by God in order to motivate you. You are promised salvation by him. I encourage you to talk to your pastor. If that doesn’t work, talk to another pastor. The problem, presumably, his OCD, although it could be other problems. Get some help with OCD! The Lord is awaiting you with open arms. Patience is necessary. Often the Lord brings us to hell before he brings us to heaven.

  • Steven   at

    I will give you some additional details on the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, but for you who struggle with OCD, your real freedom will come from understanding the love and mercy of God. How He turns heart towards Him. Understanding His Grace. You need these revelations and you will get them if you study God’s word long enough.

    But to give you some additional insights on blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, you have to understand Jewish history.

    In the Jewish tradition they held the beliefs that they gathered from the Old Testament that when the messiah came he would be able to do certain miracles that no one else could do.

    These would include healing a Jewish leper, healing a man born blind, and casting out a mute demon.

    So when there was a claim that a messianic miracle was done, the Jewish leaders were required to do an investigation, to either validate or deny the claims.

    The Jewish Leaders had been casting out demons long before came. But the only way they could cast out the demons is that they would have to make contact with the demons and find out the demons name and then cast them out.

    So they believed that only the coming messiah would be able to cast out a mute demon, because there would be no way to make contact with the demons name.

    So in Mathew 12 where Jesus speaks about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, the Pharisees during their investigation were met face to face with one of these miracles that only the Messiah could do.

    It was done in public and the common Jew easily recognized that Jesus did a miracle that only the Messiah could do.

    We know this because in MATTHEW‬ ‭12:23‬, it says “All the crowds were amazed, and were saying, “This man cannot be the Son of David, can he?””

    So the people recognized this miracle and so did the Pharisees. But the Pharisees were so blackened in their heart that for what ever reason (maybe for the love of their positions, their money, or the fact that they personally hated everything Jesus stood for), they openly spoke out and deceived the people saying that Jesus had a demon, even though they knew better (or at a very least should have known better) than almost anyone, that this truly was the Messiah, but they wanted nothing to do with Him.

    This is my take on it, but read it for yourself and make your own determination, but after reading this I don’t see that (at this point at least ) they had actually blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Jesus only said that who ever does blaspheme the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven.

    In fact I read that Jesus still gives them a glimmer of hope. Right after he speaks about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in Mathew 12, Jesus says to the Pharisees,

    ““Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit.”
    ‭‭MATTHEW‬ ‭12:33‬

    So Jesus is telling the Pharisees that He just spoke to about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that they should make their tree good. What’s the point of telling them this if they had no hope.

    Then Jesus gives one more sentence in Mathew that makes me think all hope is not lost.

    The Pharisees ask for a sign “seemingly right after they just saw one of the most convincing signs possible”

    “Then some of the scribes and Pharisees said to Him, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from You.” But He answered and said to them, “An evil and adulterous generation craves for a sign; and yet no sign will be given to it but the sign of Jonah the prophet; for just as J ONAH WAS THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS IN THE BELLY OF THE SEA MONSTER, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”
    ‭‭MATTHEW‬ ‭12:38-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

    So Jesus is telling the Pharisees, you want another sign “ok”, I’ll give you one – but this is the only sign that will be given.

    So Jonah the sign would be that just as Jonah spent three nights in the belly of the fish and then in a sense rose out of the fish, Jesus would spend three nights in the grave and raise again. That’s a big sign, to prove that He was who He said He was.

    Well Jesus gave them that sign, and we read later in Mathew what there response was to the resurrection.

    Mathew 28 says “While the women were on their way, some of the guards went into the city and reported to the chief priests all that had happened. After the chief priests had met with the elders and formed a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money and instructed them: “You are to say, ‘His disciples came by night and stole Him away while we were asleep.”

    In all fairness the plot to conceal the truth was done by the chief priest and elders and not the Pharisees. And I don’t know how they differed, but reading the gospels they were all on the same page about Jesus and in communication with each other.

    But here we see that the Chief priest believed with their whole heart that Jesus rose from from dead, the last sign that Jesus said He would give. I would imagine the chief priests would have known that Jesus had done every miracle that only the Messiah could have done. So these people believed with all their heart that Jesus was the Messiah because they devised a plan to conceal the truth and cover it up with a lie. They believed the what the guards said about how Jesus rose from the dead. But for whatever reason Their hearts were so black that even though believed with all their heart Jesus was the Lord; Jesus was NOT going to be their Lord. Not only that they were going to do everything possible with full knowledge of the truth to deceive people and spend the rest of their lives trying to take people to Hell with them.

    Do you see how black a heart has to be to do this, their is absolutely no good in them. They have literally let their hearts become Just as dark as satan.

    It is just my opinion based on what I know of the things I shared above is when they blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

    You see these guys did not care about their salvation, in fact they knowingly aligned theirselves with satan and committed themselves to knowingly bringing people to Hell with them.

    I don’t see anyone wanting to return to God through Jesus has ever seen and been convinced of such truth only to turn their back on it all to turn into a satanist, spending their lives trying to bring people to Hell. I am sure that they’re are people who may of professed some sort of Christianity who fell away and become satanists. But I am convinced that non of them were as convinced that Jesus was who he Said He was as the people who witnessed His miracles first hand.

    Feel free to email me with questions I will pray for you. And God Will get you through this, just don’t give up.

    • H   at

      I am so grateful for your post, it has given me so much hope. Thank you for this most valuable information. What a precious gift.

    • Tim Leckron   at

      Thank you Steven, that was very helpful.

  • Noah Kauffman   at

    Okay so I have ocd but what I’m going through is so bad and I hate to put it in words but I want to make it known what’s going on. So I saw some comment on reddit that said basically that Jesus is the devil and is deceiving everyone and stuff. As soon as I read that the doubts set in. I began to have these horrible thoughts that maybe he was right. I hated these thoughts and wanted them out, I have cried so much over this. Anyway, now whenever I try to think of Jesus, I think of that post and my mind says that He is actually satan. I don’t want to believe that because I know it’s not true, but I’m afraid that I’m starting to believe it, because whenever I think of Jesus and try to think of Him as loving and forgiving of our sins and as the messiah, my mind says “he’s deceiving you, he’s actually Satan.” I hate these thoughts, but I’m worried that I’m starting to believe it. I don’t want to do this, have I committed the unpardonable sin by believing Jesus is satan, even though I don’t want to believe that?

    • Rebecca   at

      If you had committed that sin, you would not have commented. Like you said, you don’t want to believe those things. You would not care if you had truly committed it. I know how ocd goes – maybe you’re thinking, “do I really care?” Don’t go down that road. It only ever makes things worse for me. My OCD tries to make me think it’s not ocd, that I’ve really committed the sin. But it is OCD, not a faith crisis.
      I understand the battle, though. I have refrained from reading the Gospels because whenever I do, I have attacks of blasphemous thoughts against Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So discouraging! But you are not alone. Jesus loves you.
      This verse has been such a comfort to me in my fear of committing the unpardonable sin.
      “All the Father gives to me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out.” John 6:37
      Whoever – blasphemous thoughts or not:)

    • Martha Chesser   at

      I had an “unpardonable sin” crisis years ago. It was explained to me that the situation surrounding Jesus’s miracles was so unique (as so thoroughly explained in the previous post) that it is not possible to commit it today. It was a deliberate knowing denial of the Messiah by ascribing His prophecy fulfilling miracles to Satan. I have not had that obsession again. Wish others would go away that easily.

  • Noah Kauffman   at

    I’m currently fighting with this “unforgivable sin” thing and blasphemous thoughts. The thing is, for me, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m actually starting to believe the thoughts. The big thought for me right now is “what the Pharisees were right?” or “what is Jesus was the devil in disguise trying to deceive people into following Him instead of God?” (I hate writing these thoughts out.) Anyway, I have to literally beat myself up and scream at myself that Jesus is God’s Son, and I have to constantly fight against the thoughts because I don’t want to believe them, but my mind wants me to. In fact, my mind likes to give every reason for why those horrible thoughts are true, and that the Jews are right and stuff like that. I hate it so much and wish it would stop and let me see Jesus as the Son of God He is. It’s not just the blasphemous thoughts that are bothering me, it’s that I’m having doubts and beginning to wonder if they’re true or not.

    • Marie   at

      Honestly, that in itself is part of OCD. It’s telling you, “Well, maybe HAVING the thoughts is OCD, but I’m actually BELIEVING the thoughts.” It will give you every argument it can to keep you in its grips and try to convince you that it is not OCD. It doesn’t want you blowing its cover! That’s why you have to basically come to the point where you ignore EVERY thought related to your obsessive theme (the unpardonable sin, in this case), realizing that your OCD is not letting you think clearly about the topic. It’s a game of ignoring, ignoring, ignoring, and ignoring some more, giving your brain the chance to calm down, gain clarity, and get out of the obsessive hyper-analyzing cycle. If you do this, you WILL get out of that cycle, eventually – it’s just a process that requires a lot of patience and perseverance!

    • Gav   at

      Do not worry about those “doubts” or believing the thoughts. I had this EXACT temptation when i was in 9th grade. “What if the pharisees were right?” I would research for hours trying to CONVINCE myself that Jesus was good and that he wasn’t working by Satan’s powers. I just couldnt convince myself. I knew Jesus was God but I couldnt convince myself. I even at one point was struggling thinking “what if I want to be God?” or “and had thoughts that I wanted to overthrow GOd and take his throne.” all lies. but you know with OCD you can doubt anything. The doubts are ABSOLUTELY OCD. but the best advice i wish i listened to a long time ago is you just come to the point of saying ” idont know and I cant convince myself, so Im just gonna trust God and leave it in His hands no matter what my mind tells me.”

  • gav   at

    I am worried that I can never be forgiven also. My story is that in 9th grade and found out about the unforgivable sin and INSTANTLY started having curse words about the Holy Spirit attack my mind. I KNEW if I said or thought one I would go to hell and I felt and urge to do so. But I talked with people about it and eventually found some relief even though it was still in the back of my mind. Later the attack returned in 10th grade and then went away again. Then it returned in 11th grade but this time I started getting the thoughts when I was angry and sometimes they felt intentional. Later in 12th grade I kept getting more and more angry thoughts and urges to the point that I almost WANTED to say them or think them even though I truly didn’t want to. After the anger subsided every time i would think back and be like “why was i so angry and why would i think that?” Also 90 percent of my thoughts always had to be directed at the Holy Spirit which was frustrating. But then toward the end of my 12th grade year the thoughts were so bad and felt so intentional and was the worst they have ever been. I thought i saw God speaking to me and drawing me to Himself many times and I thought maybe God will change me and let me have a real relationship with Him. But one day I was sturggling with some really ad urges and thoughts and later was sitting in class doing nothing. I was really anxious so i decided to research on other OCD people who had these thoughts. Then all of a sudden I was hit with this urge or desire to just curse at the Holy Spirit and I had this urge like “curse the Holy Spirit curse the Holy Spirit curse the Holy Spirit” and it felt like i wanted to but at the last second I was able to whisper to myself “curse Satan.” I felt like I was being taken over by thoughts and then immediately after I said “curse Satan” i got another urge to say “d*mn the Holy Spirit” and and image of the Holy Spirit looking down on me angrily popped in my mind and I gave into theurge and said “d*mn you” (i think this is what happened) and immediately got very anxious and went to the bathroom and apologized to God. I don’t know where the thought came from or why I said it. Even now I sometimes feel like God is trying to tell me to seek Him but how can I know for sure because I feel unforgivable for what I did. Can anyone else relate? I’m pretty sure I said it out loud so doesn’t that make me unforgivable?

    • Rebecca   at

      I understand those thoughts. They’re terrifying, truly. But you must remember – God ALWAYS invites people. He is always saying come. There is a difference between someone who is stubborn, arrogant, and absolutely will not accept God and only curses him, and someone who is unsure, struggles with OCD and blasphemies obsessive thoughts. You do not sound like that type. Your heart is not in the blasphemies. Even spoken out loud, they do not mean you’ve sinned in that way. In John 6:37, Jesus says, “whoever comes to me I will never cast out.” Whoever! So just run to Jesus and trust him; the feelings and thoughts may not change, but know that Jesus is bigger than obsessive thinking, bigger than doubt and anxiety, bigger than even blasphemy. He will forgive you and will never, never cast you out. He loves you!

      • Rebecca   at

        To clarify – you do not sound like the hardened, rejecting, unbelieving type. Quite the opposite 🙂

  • Matt   at

    Thank you everyone for your stories, advice, biblical knowledge and wisdom. As a devout Catholic who attends mass daily, I too have suffered with worries of thinking blasphemous thoughts against the Holy Spirit and potentially saying such thoughts out loud. Ever since I came back to God and read the passage in Mark about the unforgiveable sin, this obsessive worry has tormented me. At first I wondered whether I had committed this sin when I was formerly a non-believer. However, nowadays, I am worried I have not only thought blasphemous thoughts against the Spirit, but inadvertently said them out loud due to my OCD. I have had OCD since I was child, and have been taking an SSRI medication for years.

    Like a lot of you, I of course have done (and continue to do) compulsive research on this topic and learned the Catholic Church’s teaching on this subject. Basically, the Catholic Church holds that non-repentance of sins is the only unforgiveable sin, because an unwillingness to repent through the Holy Spirit constitutes the blasphemy against the Spirit. However, this does not offer lasting consolation because I learned what other denominations have to say about the unpardonable sin. Like any compulsive person, I wanted to cover all my bases. Unfortunately, this only made the anxiety worse when I learned how a lot of Christians believe the sin takes place when someone attributes Jesus’ miracles to the devil/demons.

    Ever since learning this interpretation, I have been tormented with intrusive worry that I will not only think such a thing, but that I will say such a thing out loud. The thought will come to mind, and a lot of times I am able to dismiss it as silly OCD and expel it. However, there are moments when I feel like I might inadvertently blurt out “Jesus performed his miracles thorough Satan and demons!” at any given moment. I feel like the words are going to rip out of my mouth at any given second and that if I am not focused or calm enough that they will.

    I am posting this account now, because this happened this very morning when, ironically, I was getting ready to attend daily mass. I woke up at 5 AM and was tired and groggy and I was immediately overwhelmed by this anxiety again. My anxiety reached a fever pitch and I thought at any given moment the words could come ripping out. It had been tormenting me last night and I had tried to sleep it off. Sadly I was no better this morning when I woke up. The thought was circling around my mind, and after I let out a yawn during a moment of idle thought, I panicked that I might have said the blasphemous comment at that particular moment. I was worried I said it out loud because I was tired and not able to concentrate and dismiss the thought in a focused matter like I usually can.

    Deep down I know that I did not say anything verbally out loud. I also know deep down that even if my OCD caused me to say such a thing out loud that would not constitute the unpardonable sin. My heart is not hard, and I do not actually believe in such a blasphemy. I fully embrace the repentance of my sins and acknowledge that the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift I have ever received. It has had such a great effect on me that I am even considering joining the priesthood.

    Anyways, I just want to share my story so others can compare their own experiences to it. I also would appreciate any advice and understanding anyone can offer me . Like I said before, I know deep down that I am fine, but given the nature of doubt with OCD, I am still plagued by uncertainty and still feel the compulsive urge to do more research and more fervent prayer to the LORD on this. I want to get to a place where I no longer have to do this and where I have total knowledge and solace that I have not committed this unpardonable sin. I also would appreciate it if you guys could pray for the Holy Spirit to assuage my fears and soothe me. I have been doing the same for you all as well. It pains me greatly to think that some people have even quit going to church because they think they are automatically going to Hell for this. May God bless all of you abundantly and calm your anxious minds! Praise be to his name! Amen.

  • g   at

    Does anyone know if OCD can make you say the blasphemous thoughts out loud inadvertently. I often get urges to say it especially when under stress and it will just come one all of a sudden like a urge saying “curse the Holy Spirit” and it so hard to stop it i feel pressure in my brain. And one time i whispered the blasphemous thought it felt intentional too. Is it OCD still? And can anyone relate?

    • admin   at

      That’s likely still OCD..which can have complicated manifestations. But Tourette’s Disorder is the one where people sometimes involuntarily shout things out, not OCD. Might be a good idea to get a consultation from a good psychiatrist or psychologist.

  • Brooklynn   at

    I just try telling myself that the thoughts are just thoughts what I firmly believe is what matters to God and it doesn’t matter how many times it pops up in my head my heart loves Jesus I’m eager to love him that thought could be in in the back of my head all day everyday but I’m saved through grace by faith and that means every sin not every sin except bad thoughts that come and go that I don’t belivr I could yell that thought in my mind over over again I’m not going to cause that’s testing God but I won’t go to hell im saved period point blank

  • Darien M Wallace   at

    Hello Friends, im a Christian Male and i wont disclose my reasons which i think is causing my intrusive thought about God. I feel that what ever it is that is causing you to have these thoughts,are not from you but from the enemy trying to drive you crazy,have you give up on your faith and destroy your life. I believe the Devil is trying to torment us because we have the keys to salvation, know the truth of life and know we are going to the kindom of Heaven. My symptom that i experienced was cursing God… it came out of nowhere but i believe the thoughts entered my mind because im a believer and still participated in fleshly desires that causes my mind to become corrupted. Also because the other day i just fealt so uplifted in spirit from trying to change and bam! here comes the enemy. Everytime i tried to read the word i could feel negative energy and reading the truth would make me feel in my head that im rolling my eyes at the truth.. its crazy people.. the Devil hates that we are trying to do good. Im not sure if thats the reason but it kinds of feels thats the reason why i experienced repeatative thoughs about cursing God which is not in my heart. I actually fealt something in my head forcing me to say **** God.. it has caused me a constant reminder of me saying that, anxiety, and great remorse. I knew it was the Enemy but i know God Understands and wont ever leave me and will heal me if i ask and mean it. I cant blame anyone but myself for these consequences because i invited them in my mind. Even though i know God is merciful and will restore my mind, its still painful for that thought to enter my mind over and over. We have to evaluate why this is occuring and ask God for help and i believe i know the potential reasons for this happening to me and its not christ like practices either. I know were not perfect but whatever the things not approving to God.. it opens a broad door for the devil and his demons to come in and drive you nuts and try to take you back so he can satisfy you more and more and more! to deceive you. Some of us desire to do right in life and we want to be great servants for our lord Jesus, but somethings we just dont want to let go in this world (whatever it is) which will hinder us. Jesus paid the price on the cross for us to get by with whatever actions that we do in our flesh.. but to have a desire to keep doing whatever it is your doing will affect your mind sooner or later or not but for me, i know the destruction it can cause from the clues of what i do in my flesh. Just try to see what is causing you to have those thoughts,address them and pray.. you will get peace.. but if you continue to practice what ever it is your doing, dont be surprised for it to come back.. its part of the worldy system while we breathe on this Earth. God Knows our heart, we will still continue to fall many times trying to heal our minds, there will come a time that you will be free but it takes patience and faith, the choice is ours Amen.Thank you Jesus for allowing us all to speak on our struggles… nothing is to great for you to handle. All of our symptoms are different because we are all unique, we are strong beings, yes this is a difficult phychological challenge but nothing is to great for our God to handle and he will handle your problem.. if you want it bad enough he will fix it.. i love you all very much.

  • Caroline   at

    I have been struggling with this for a long time. I first when it would happen right after that I would be like no that’s not what I meant this is what I meant when I was trying to think something good. A couple days ago, it got so bad that I couldn’t eat sleep of anything. I haven’t done any of my school work or anything. I feel so bad. I can’t take it sometimes. I try to reinsure myself. When it would first started happening I didn’t worry it much about it because I didn’t mean anything by it. It was like it would just pop up in my head and I wouldn’t stress about it. I didn’t really mean what I was thinking. I wouldn’t go to church or read bible verses because I was afraid of the thoughts. Now I’m so scared I can’t focus on anything and I got so worried I thought I was going to have a panic attack and it makes it hard to focus on prayer because of the thoughts. Has anyone else had this problem and over came it? If you did can you tell me how? I prayed the day it got really bad. I asked for a sigh I’m ok and I still have chance and when I got home from school I found this website. I started crying because I was relieved it was like yes you will be ok. I know I’m not alone now. Because other people don’t understand what it’s like to try to overcome these. It try’s to convince you these are your thoughts but I have to keep try to tell myself no these is not how I feel. Because I’m freaking out about it. Since this has started its renewed my faith for sure. I don’t have doubts about faith at all. I think that’s the reason for it even if it is terrifying.

    • Mary   at

      EVERYONE.. I don’t believe we all developed o.c.d like this!! Look at alllll the comments.. we all didn’t jus develop o.c.d. .. mine im.not sure but I think stemmed from fear.. idk bout anyone else but.. praise god ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ glorify his name!

      • D   at

        I also am suffering from tormented thoughts of this. First, I thought I committed it by blasphemy in my head. My husband was trying to help me feel better and I felt in doing so he may have done it himself. He is certain he did not, but I am so worried. Now I am afraid and my body is so tense and I’m distraught. I know a Christian cannot lose their salvation and I am trying to find consolation in this, but I still feel dread. I texted with my pastor who was reassuring, but I want to know for sure. 😰

        • D.G.   at

          You will know if you committed the unpardonable sin because you will not care if you did. For instance, I think an unrepentant atheist may be capable of it.
          However, you know what you believe and that if such a thought enters your mind, it abhors you. You hate it. That disdain for the thought comes, not from you, but from God.
          Everyday, remember that the fear of the unpardonable sin to a Christian is a TRAP from the enemy to distract us from God’s merciful, understanding love. Its a TRAP to take you away from God’s love. And boy does it work! Ignore it like you would a annoying fly buzzing around you and it will fly off soon enough. Don’t wrestle with it by asking for reassurance (the compulsion which makes it stronger) anymore. Don’t give the enemy what it wants. Instead give to God what he desires for you, Trust God. He wants to see you have victory. Time to let this one go.
          Peace be with you.

          • Macie   at

            Thank you so much for this. I really need it. I get so worked up, and I over think everything. My dad has told me the same thing you posted, but it’s nice hearing someone else agree. Bless you.

  • Christian   at

    I thought I was the only one dealing with this. I don’t remember the first time I thought this thought but the biggest questions and concerns was if I commited the unpardonable sin and then if God has given up on me. There would be times I am kind of scared to do activities because the thought “$&@? The Holy Spirit” would come into my mind and it was never something I intentionally tried to do but now I feel awful saying this I don’t know if the Lord delivered me from this thought and I keep on intentionally thinking it. But I sometimes plead the Blood of Jesus in my mind while someone is talking to me just so I don’t think that thought. And there are times where I out loud say “I rebuke that thought in the name of Jesus” and I sometimes think that thought as well “rebuking that thought in the name of Jesus” when I feel like I am going to think that thought. I don’t know why I intentionally think the blaspheme but I hate how I got here. And I don’t want to harden my heart and any of that and that’s why I am very careful with the words that come out of my mouth and praise be to God I am a patient person, so if anyone were to anger me I don’t want that blaspheme to become a word. And now it’s like I kind of got used to it and I hate to say it and I don’t know if I can cry out to the Lord. I’m just in a rut and I feel like this is the only thing keeping me from moving forward in my walk with the Lord and getting more intimate. I try to recite scripture and try to replace that blaspheme with another thought. And thank God I realized that confessing your sins out loud to The Lord and also other people helps too. There’s times where I know I don’t think it for a period of time and then I’ll realize I didn’t think it and after that realization I think it and it’s so annoying. I wish this never happened. But I thank God I came across this and realized I’m not the only one. It maybe OCD and/or the enemy but I just want the Lord to take my desire from thinking that thought and make it impossible for me to think that thought. God bless you guys, you aren’t alone. God loves us all! 🙏🏾

  • Brandon Schunke   at

    God did NOT DID NOT DID NOT send His Son into the world to judge the world guilty, but to save the world through Him

  • Troy   at

    I just want to clearly state that for those of you worrying about this to read Phillipians 2:13 God has made it clear that anyone desiring to be forgiven and united in relationship with Him are only able to do so because He is enabling it for you. Those who are “beyond forgiveness” have their consciences sealed already and are living for themselves and for sin.

  • K   at

    I struggle with urges to think bad thoughts about Holy Spirit. Very often it feels like i want to think those thoughts and that what really makes me so scared

    • Gav   at

      I also feel urges and feel like i REALLY want them. They feel more like desires than ocd thoughts because they are attached to certain themes they usually arent random.

  • John Kevin   at

    I am happy I am not alone
    I hope for the best of us
    I wish Lord God and Jesus will forgive us

  • Willie   at

    I’ve been struggling with the fear of blasphemy against Holy Ghost. I’ve been going through this for years. Through out the years it would leave I would have victory. And then it would come back with a vengeance I would get so terrified and anxiety is overwhelming thoughts of killing myself would enter my mind. Thoughts of you have already done it you might as well speak it and I say no no no in Jesus name. As I would fight the thoughts they get stronger and I fight and fight and fight. There has been times in fighting I would get all mumble jumbled up on my words and ancidently I’ve made mistake of words. I’m like omg I have spoken against Holy Ghost and I know I didn’t mean it I have intent nor is it in my heart to do so. This last 2 yrs have been absolutely terrifying. I’ve been fighting rebuking the devil in Jesus name sometimes its seems as if I’m rebuking all day long and the thoughts keep coming and I keep rebuking. Two days ago I cried to the Lord Jesus to help me again and I know he heard me I was gaining strength I was resisting I was gaining victory the Peace Jesus promised was coming on me. And then yesterday I began to tell someone about Jesus and he loves them and what he did on the cross and his resurrection for them and told him call upon Jesus he promises if you come to him he will not reject you and if you confess your sins he is Faithful to Forgive. And then evil thoughts started about Holy Ghost and Jesus the thoughts stated coming back with a vengeance at Jesus first I began to fight them and call upon Jesus and was telling him that I would never think such things and then I thought about the Holy Ghost. And then it was like a voice that spoke in my head that said a bad word a swear word I won’t put in print the word I head as I dont want anyone to think on it. But the swear word was spoken point blank again the Holy Ghost. The crazy thing is I seen and heard the swear word go through my head. And I’m thinking what…. omg did I just blaspheme. All night long I’m in this terror I finally fall asleep and I hear in my sleep blasphemy stuff in my sleep I wake up starting all over again. I hear was was spoken in my head yesterday and now I’m fighting again. I just want to be a faithful servant unto the Lord Jesus. The agony and terror is so overwhelming. The fear is gripping. When I pray it feels as if the the thoughts keep coming and seems as if Hod dont hear me. But my faith says he does here me my faith says If I come to Jesus he will will receive me if I confess my sins he is Faithful to forgive me. I dont understand why I’m still gripping with fear of doom, fear of hell, fear of blasphemy. The things I hear on my I know I have no intent nor in my heart to do. Please pray for me.

  • Darren   at

    It is very comforting to know that I’ m not the only one going through something like this. I believe that these instructions were from God, where He told me to reject/rebuke the thought everytime it came up, and to rest in the fact that deep down, I hadn’t done it because, I was concerned as to whether or not I had done it, and to just continue my normal service unto Him, which would ultimately show that I hadn’t done it, because if I had done it, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Jesus. I also told God that as He is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End, that if there is a day in my life, that I would commit the unpardonable sin, that He should take me away from Earth, a day before I commit it, and I strongly believe that God will honour that prayer because I definitely don’t want to go to hell. I believe that The Holy Spirit leads us into places, where we maybe tempted just as He did with Jesus, but I also know that God will not allow us to be tempted more than what we can bear, and I believe this happens, so that we would learn to trust God with the battles of life, and learn to praise Him during these times as per James 1:2-4 and 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 and like Job said in Job 13:15, even though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him. So anytime it comes up, rebuke the thought, rest in the fact that you don’t want to do it, and that you are concerned with the fact, that you may have committed it, and are seeking God’s forgiveness. Commit the battle over to the Lord and praise Him and you will be at peace. Hope that helps.

  • Darren   at

    Hello everyone, I have been made free by The Lord Jesus Christ. I was made to realise that I was going through a trial and I started to praise God and thank Him and within minutes I experienced The Peace that surpasseth all understanding. Glory be to God! In these tough times, remember to Praise God, it won’t be easy, but do it and your victory will manifest in Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name!

  • H   at

    I have been utterly terrified that I too have committed this sin. So much so that for months I have kept this website open on my phone as I need to read this page almost every day to keep my hope that maybe I will be forgiven for my thoughts. I was being absolutely tortured with these thoughts. I recently came back to Jesus after trying to run away from Christianity for years. I believe it was a spiritual attack by Satan or his demons. I was fighting it off but I was completely weak. I tried to commit suicide last year as I was scared it was the end of the world and thought that as a Christian I would be persecuted so instead of denying Christ during persecution and be weak I would end it there. The Lord saved me and even though I know most will not believe me, God sent an angel to my bedside. She, yes it was a woman, an African nurse actually, she said if you say you are sorry then he has already forgiven you. I also asked her why I hadn’t died and she said it was not my time. Obviously I took a lethal dose, and it was only because of God that I didn’t die. That’s an overwhelming fact that I struggle with. That because I cried out to him before I did it that he saved me and sent help. Anyway, I was then put on very strong medication. Then the blasphemous thoughts and fears came. I tried to stop them but I thought that I would go crazy if I didn’t say it so I completed the thought in my head. Now I am petrified that I won’t be forgiven. I have since weaned myself off the medication which was it’s own hell, that stuff should not be legal, but I now have a slightly calmer mind so I have hope that I might not be doomed but I don’t feel confident. I have been on and off various medications and I think they have contributed to my downward spiral. Now I am completely drug free and have faith only in God and not in doctors. The Bible says that angels are sent to those who are to receive salvation so I try to hold on to that. I share this because I hope to help others and hope you may share insight to help me please. Thank you for this site and for all those who contributed. Hope this all made sense and wasn’t too long.

    • H   at

      I neglected to mention that the angel came as a nurse and helped me, and that others in the room interacted with her so she was not an hallucination. I did see what I can only describe as a tearing of the veil of what is humans are as reality before my eyes and then saw the light emanating from her spiritual form. Her eyes remained the same though, I assume it was to protect me from being frightened. Hope that clears up any confusion. I know it’s unlikely I will be believed because if someone said this to me I’d just pass it off as hallucinations too but I know without going into more detail that it was real.

  • Aaron   at

    This all started a few weeks ago when I started having a very guilty conscience about cheating on my fiancé on my bachelor cruise although I felt guilty about it and didn’t want it to happen, it was a “perfect storm”. After a few days of my guilt tormenting me I finally told her and she was distraught but we had a long talk and honestly believe we are soul mates and I know she has forgiven me as she is a Christian lady, we are also now married and she wants us to stay together for life. Anyways after that guilt subsided off my conscience and I was in great spirits for a couple weeks, I was watching a video on Facebook of a man praying for a fellow in a wheelchair and I wasn’t convicted or discerned by the video in my head and I doubted whether or not it was real. Now I say my prayers daily and at night before bed and consider myself to have a strong faith. So “doubt” this immediately threw my mind into a constant worry or the unpardonable sin. After speaking with my father after days of contant thoughts of coming the unforgivable sin and today i called and spoke with a Pentecostal preacher over the phone and he explained to me that he did not think I did commit the sin and that Jesus/father/ and Holy Spirit loves me and knows my heart, made me feel good. Then he proceeded to explain to be that there are tiers to get to the unpardonable sin first denying Jesus, then the father and finally the Holy Ghost. This made me feel very relieved and I asked him to pray for me and I began crying during the prayer as I felt this overwhelming presence over me and I know it was the holy spiritual. However, worse thought ever occurred later that day, I started ruminating in my thoughts again about being scared that I blasphemed and then out of the blue I had the thought “I don’t believe in the Holy Ghost” which is not true at all I have always believe and always will believe and now I’m terrified. A) because that thought/statement went through my mind, but it was not a conscious thought and B) because I told my wife what the scary thought was in my head as in now I’m scared that I have spoken it, but I didn’t meN it I was just telling her a thought I had. I now feel very empty, and that I am condemned to hell although I pray many times a day and know that God has blessed me many times in my life. I don’t know how to deal with this, I have tried to find assurance that I have not committed this sin because I love God. Any suggestions or thoughts would be very welcome. God bless you all and thanks for reading

  • Johnny   at

    A thought came in my head that Jesus was the son of Satan . I told someone because it was worrying me. Does this mean I have committed the unforgivable sin.

  • sunflower   at

    I have been having the same intrusive thoughts. I’ve spent my day looking things up and finding something only for it to come back to the same state I was in. I’m really terrified because at times it’s as if I can’t feel the Holy Spirit or God. I don’t want this. I really really don’t and the thought that goes through my mind is “The Holy Spirit and God” are devils. I’m not sure what to do

  • Johnny   at

    I have only just discovered this form of ocd and it gives me peace to know what’s wrong with me. The devil always attacks me when I can’t sleep with intrusive thoughts. Like to ultimately reject Jesus. I read the bible, pray and listen to sermons on line could I possibly be guilty of anything unforgiveable?

  • Johnny .   at

    I was studying this on the internet and Billy Graham said to commit this type of blasphemy one must be persistently, deliberately and maliciously and consciously reject the testimony to the deity deliberately resisting the holy spirits witness to turn to Jesus until deathends all opportunity

  • anonymous messenger   at

    Saint John of Sinai (c.579, Syria – 649, Egypt) wrote in the book The Ladder of Divine Ascent:

    Drunkenness is a cause of stumbling, and pride is a cause of unseemly thoughts. As far as his stumbling is concerned the drunkard is not to blame, but he will certainly be [or has already been] punished for his drunkenness.” (Step 23, 41-42 or, depending upon translation, Step 24, 4-5)

    We ought to stop judging and condemning our neighbour, and then blasphemous thoughts will not alarm us; for the former is the occasion and root of the latter.” (Step 23, 49 or 24, 12)

  • anonymous messenger   at

    Saint John of the Cross (1542–91, Spain) wrote in the book Dark Night of the Soul:

    (T)he night [or aridity] and purgation of sense in the soul. . . . is wont to be accompanied by formidable trials and temptations of sense, which last for a long time, albeit longer in some than in others. For to some the angel of Satan presents himself — namely, the spirit of fornication — that he may buffet their senses with abominable and violent temptations, and trouble their spirits with vile considerations and representations which are most visible to the imagination, which things at times are a greater affliction to them than death.

    At other times in this night there is added to these things the spirit of blasphemy, which roams abroad, setting in the path of all the conceptions and thoughts of the soul intolerable blasphemies. These it sometimes suggests to the imagination with such violence that the soul almost utters them, which is a grave torment to it. […]

    As a rule these storms and trials are sent by God in this night . . . inasmuch as it is these which most effectively purge sense of all favours and consolations to which it was affected, with natural weakness, and by which the soul is truly humiliated [or humbled] in preparation for the exaltation which it is to [eventually] experience.

    (Book I, Chapter XIV, paragraphs 1, 2 and 4)

  • Rj S   at

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It has helped me so much.

    I pray right now, for all brothers and sisters in faith experiencing this, that the Lord comfort them and set them free of this. I pray for the knowledge displayed here to be brought forth to everyone going through this trial, and to cast away evil spirits in Jesus’ name I pray!

  • Mary   at

    Is it OCD if the fear of you commiting blasphemy is on the back of your mind 25/7..not just intrusive pop up thoughts? I’m afraid of the Holy Spirit now.

    • Melissa   at

      Dear Mary, it really does sound like you have severe OCD you poor thing. Hope you don’t mind me suggesting a really great tablet that may help you. I had your problem I take a large dose 200mg of Zoloft. You start out on a small dose say 25mg and the doctor will see how you are doing and you can decide if you wish to go higher. It is also good for anxiety and depression that you get with this illness. Remember God loves you very much and would be sad to see you suffering. Try not to be frightened of the Holy Spirit he is your friend and always remember to pray to Jesus for help. When I researched OCD on the internet and you have these thoughts about God all the time it says you are a very religious person and religion is important to you. Sometime I think the devil tries to rob us of a relationship with God and take away our peace.Hope you feel better soon love and prayers Melissa.

  • Melissa   at

    I have ocd and a fear of traffic and cars and open spaces. In 6 weeks time I will be taking a two hour trip the longest of taken in twenty years. I am frightened that I may blurt out something blasphemous About the Holy Spirit out of fear. Could you all please pray for me.

    • Dennis   at

      I have been surprised and comforted learning that so many people have struggles with this as I thought I was the only one. This is clearly not true. I have turned from the faith and lived pretty sinful. The pandemic has made me more serious serious again. I have watched videos about the rapture and fear judgement. I often have prayed to Jesus at various times and have not felt much of anything.

  • Kevin   at

    I had a serious wake up call last week. I have been alcohol free for 5 days now and have had very little cravings. I really want to thank everyone here because the devil has tried his best to make me have these ocd thoughts of blasphemy to the Holy Spirit over and over. I thought for sure I was going to be damned and couldn’t be forgiven. Now after hearing Martin Luther Kings view on it, I feel a lot better about it. It must mean we are on the right track. Hopefully this helps other people as much as it did me. God bless to all

    • Tin   at

      I’ve experienced this also, mine started May10 2020, I was reading a book and then out of nowhere these hideous, and unacceptable blasphemous images started bombarding my head. I was terrified and trying to change the images but they’d keep on coming and becoming worse and more hideous, I panicked and couldn’t concentrate. Then later that night, I was scrolling on facebook and someone posted curses and directing it to Jesus and those curses were stocked on my mind as well until finally I kind of thought about it and I was like ” no! I didn’t think about that! I love Jesus, forgive me Jesus, I love you my Lord I don’tlike what’s happening to me”and I’ve never been terrified my whole life, I couldn’t believe it and I was debilitating and hopeless. The whole night I started reading the Bible and came across the unforgivable sin, and I said to myself I’m doomed that’s it, I’ll never be forgiven, I thought about suicide, (this is so silly but i browsed “how to have an amnesia”) the next day all the bad things that I’m seeing or hearing I’d always direct it to God. I’d spend my whole day apologizing to Jesus and then thinking of another blasphemy. I feel awful.
      For 3 nights I couldn’t sleep and eat well, and in May14 I saw this video on Youtube posted by someone who’ve experienced this also and I was motivated and encouraged.
      Mine lasted for 20days, I’m doing fine now, when the images would suddenly pop I’m not nervous anymore I know it’s satan and he won’t get the satisfaction coz he can never get me. Jesus is in my heart and I let Jesus Christ our Lord handle it. The blasphemous images isn’t bothering me anymore.
      I hope everyone’s doing fine now. Be encouraged, don’t ruin your life because that’s what satan’s after for don’t give him the satisfaction, God knows everything. Place your problem to Jesus and have faith in Him.

  • Tin   at

    Sorry it lasted for 10 days. It ended May20.
    What really got me through is believing that it’s not me but the enemy. Godbless all souls.

  • Tavin   at

    I have been struggling with these kinds of issues for about 10 years. I’ve lost sleep, prayed, read from the Bible, talked to pastors, parents, psychiatrists, a psychologist, friends, and these thoughts have never left. I’ve spent years terrified of my blasphemous thoughts, afraid of whether or not I love GOD, worried I only want Him for the sake of avoiding Hell, and SO MANY other fears. Reading this post and these comments have given some encouragement that I’ve been in desperate need of. The issues still haven’t gone away, and I’m scared they never will. Any prayer for support would be appreciated.

  • Macie   at

    I don’t want to say I’m happy others are dealing with this, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. For the past week my brain has been cursing at god, and I honestly feel awful, it scares me. It’s gotten so bad it’s even starting to involve the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean to, and I don’t know why it’s happening. Ive honestly cried, and right after I think something like that I always say I’m so sorry I didn’t mean it! Because I don’t. I feel like I’m driving myself nuts. I’ve never felt sure of my faith and I wish I could. My dad has such a bond with god, and you can see it just by looking at him. I wish I had that, but I feel like Jesus won’t save me. I feel like if he had I’d know by now, but I’m always worrying and doubting. I’m honestly exhausted 😔😞

  • Dani   at

    I have been suffering from these types of horrific blasphemous thoughts against God/Jesus/and especially Holy Spirit since I was a teen, and now almost 40. I am still terrified, I go through periods of being okay and then back to the nightmare which I’m currently living again. I think the most blasphemous things about the Holy Spirit (like many of you I get thoughts of the things that Pharisees said to Jesus about his spirit which terrifies me even more because it’s not just some awful random word but blaspheming in the same way as they did and then I start to think what if I want to be evil or always have been because I’ve always struggled being a Christian/believing in God so I think how could I ever be forgiven for such awfulness) and sometimes start to think what if I am defending people who do the unforgivable sin. All sorts of awful things in my mind 🙁
    and I am so scared because at times it feels like I want to think them. I am terrified I am just an evil person who wants to be against God. I pray for God to let me die, for Jesus to please save me and make me good. I don’t know what else to do, I don’t know how to make it stop and I am terrified of going to hell and never having peace or forgetting these horrible thoughts. Please pray for me too

  • Bob   at

    Hello dear friends,
    For those on this blog who are worried they have committed the “unpardonable sin,” rest assured that if you had, you wouldn’t care that you had; you would continue skipping through life in defiance of God.
    But the fact that you are worrying and fretting about this is the best evidence ever that you have not committed this sin. As I understand Scripture, the unpardonable sin is simply the sin of unrepentant unbelief. God is unable to give us a gift of forgiveness/salvation that we are unwilling to receive. Let’s say you’ve been walking in the desert for a couple of days under the scorching sun, and your life is draining out. And let’s say I come running to you with a glass of water, and am eagerly holding it out, because I care for you and want to help you. But if you refuse to drink the water, you will certainly die. It’s a silly analogy, but it’s the same with God. He offers us the blessing of forgiveness, LIFE eternal, FREEDOM from sin, but we have to say YES, even if we are confused, messy, covered in desert sand. He loves a broken heart, which he will never refuse! Psalm 51:17.
    Instead of focusing on self when these questions storm your minds, turn the eyes of your heart onto Jesus. Read and ponder the stories in the gospels about Jesus having compassion on those who were hurting and suffering from physical, mental or emotional pain. Imagine you are that person Jesus is reaching out, because you ARE, and He IS! Read the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), and meditate on how the father runs out to meet and embrace his son who has come home. Jesus told this parable as a way to give us a beautiful picture of how much our heavenly Father loves us and pursues us. He looks for us, searches for us. If this thought warms your heart, know that you have not committed an unpardonable sin, but instead are struggling with intrusive thoughts that have become obsessions, and perhaps led to compulsions, as this website so helpfully explains.
    The best time to keep coming back to the Jesus, to God, is NOW, ALWAYS NOW. There is nothing you need to do, no magic words, no special prayer. Just come, like a child, and lay your burdened hearts down, and find rest in Jesus as you get to know, love, trust and follow Him. Matthew 11:28-30.
    Hoping you let God give you peace, through Jesus Christ.

  • Bob   at

    … and for those, like myself, who sometimes fret about the degree of brokenness or the amount of faith we mistakenly and obsessively think God demands in order to be forgiven/saved, worry not! It’s not like God puts us on a scale to determine if our brokenness or faith is of the right quantity before He decides if he will forgive us. Not at all! He just says ‘COME,’ with your brokenness and whatever faith I have given you. Interesting how brokenness and faith are both gifts, in a way, for the trials we experience (because of sin, ours and others’) buttress the faith God gives us, when we let Him humble our hearts.

  • Cherish   at

    I have been going through fear and torment for the last month or so. Being attack with all manner of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. One night I feel like I have in. It’s like I imagined the Holy Spirit and said directly to him “your works are of…” I dare not say the rest. I have dreams where God uses those close to me who have tried to comfort me to tell me yes I committed the unforgivable sin and that I’m going to hell. I have no peace or assurance, just doubt and despair. I’ve been saved and went through this before but this time was different. I just know deep within I’m going to hell. I’ve been searching everywhere to find some hope that others have gone through this and if y’all can be forgiven, can’t I?! :'(

    • H   at

      Cherish, you can’t know you are going to hell because you are not God and do not know his plan for your life. God has said ““For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” and “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”. It might feel different this time, but feelings are not facts. It sounds like pure fear of committing the sin is driving these thoughts. I would imagine that had you not read about this fear that those thoughts would never have entered your head and God knows that. He also knows you worry because you care, and you wouldn’t care if he hadn’t called you by name. You are loved and a wanted child of God. Keep coming back to Jesus, never give up!

  • Bob   at

    Cherish, sorry to hear about your anguish, be encouraged that if you had committed the unforgivable sin, you simply wouldn’t care that you had. You would not be on this website to begin with, because you wouldn’t be interested at all in your relationship with Jesus.
    You said you’ve been saved, which means for eternity, for Jesus promises to keep you forever. Read and meditate on John 10:28-29:
    “and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.”
    Once you come to the Father, trusting in Jesus for forgiveness, not even you can change that new reality. It is finished, and You are His … even if you don’t feel it.
    Your struggle is one of the classic OCD struggles that this website covers in great detail. If you haven’t spent some time on this website, reading the essays and blogs, please do so. You will be encouraged. I would also encourage you to seek Christian counseling.

  • Tesla   at

    Am damned i had blasphemed holy spirit because of my thoughts

  • Anju   at

    I am in a same situation i dont want to share my thoughts i feel by readkig what someone else may think that way soo i will not but i am gods child always

  • H   at

    Hi Brothers and Sisters,

    I have had this same awful fear, and thought I was doomed too. I spoke to my minister about an unrelated topic as I was struggling with a lot of things in the Bible, and they said that the first thing you have to do if you are scared of anything Jesus says is ask who exactly is Jesus speaking to when he says it. In this case, he was speaking to Pharisees who were actively out to kill Jesus, the actual son of God, and turn people away from him. They were specially chosen leaders (remember, no one is in a position of authority without God’s permission) and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt who Jesus was and not only decided they didn’t want to honour him in any way, but were determined in their pursuit to kill him and tried to steal salvation from their own people, the ones whose souls they were entrusted with too. I struggle too with the Bible when it says to love the Lord with all your heart and mind etc, because of course these things have come from our minds, and it is scary because Jesus said something like “what comes out of your mouth is from the heart” or something like that. But as someone else pointed out, John states that even when our conscience condemns us, then God knows our heart and all things. Remember, God is love. He loves us so much more than we can even imagine. I had an amazing experience (I saw an angel in hospital, yes they really exist and I am telling the truth and no it was not an hallucination) and so know I will receive salvation, and I have had these thoughts too. So please know that God is merciful, he understands that you have had experiences in life that have made you fearful and that learning about this sin has triggered fear in you. He knows that if you hadn’t read that passage in the Bible you probably would never have even conceived these thoughts on your own but it is in the Bible as a warning to others. You know the Bible is real, which is why you care so much. But one thing you can’t do is play judge, even over yourself, that is putting yourself in God’s place which is impossible. He states that “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways” and “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”. I hate the fact that I have these thoughts still, but I have to remind myself that it is driven by fear and I did not initiate these thoughts. It is also like the “don’t think about the pink elephant” thing and of course that’s all you think about. Relax, he knows and loves his precious children. Hope that helps you all xx